Jen Meagher



I'm a...

dedicated ESOL and Adult Literacy teacher with an expertise in technology, Best Plus certification, and 5 years experience teaching writing, video, radio, and web in high school, college, and community settings. 


ESOL & Literacy Instructor

I have Certificates in TESOL and Adult Literacy Education from the Literacy Assistance Center and a Masters Degree in Digital Media. My training is based in the Communicative Language Teaching approach. I believe in creating interactive learning environments centered around students' interests, goals, and unique life experiences. 

I teach from existing curricula, and I develop original lessons and syllabi, aligning them to standards (CCSS, CCRS, NYSED), and finding engaging media and materials to accompany them.

I teach ESOL classes on behalf of City College, and the New York, Brooklyn, and Queens public libraries.


with Technology Expertise

I have a Master's Degree in Digital Media and 5 years experience teaching writing, video/radio/web production, and media literacy in alternative high school, college, and nonprofit settings.

As a graduate student, I studied with the WNYC Radio Rookies and Global Action Project, a youth documentary workshop. I've taught classes on behalf of 826NYC and Bronx Leadership Academy II, the Educational Video Center, Hampshire College, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Human Rights Watch, and NYU.




ESOL & Adult literacy Classes