MY ROLE: Teacher-In-Training

CLASS SPONSOR: New York Public Library

In Spring 2016, I led an Intermediate ESOL Conversation Group at the New York Public Library in Tompkins Square. Class topics included food shopping, forming questions, making polite requests, count nouns, writing a story from 5 W questions, how to start a conversation and how to keep it alive, small talk, and learning strategies for independent, ongoing English practice. I created original lesson plans for each session based on students' needs and interests, and the library's curriculum.

As a Teaching Assistant for the Library's Spring Intermediate ESOL class, I assisted with small and whole group activities and discussions. I also led lessons on describing personal strengths, a theme from the Library's unit on Work. 

hese activities at Tompkins Square fulfilled the final requirement of the New York Literacy Assistance Center's TESOL Certificate program