MY ROLE: ESOL Instructor (Volunteer)

CLASS SITE: Queens Library, Adult Literacy Center, Long Island City

I organized a 7-week class for former students with experience teaching Pre-K in their home countries. Meeting once a week, I supported students in researching NYC DOE Pre-K career pathways and the process for applying for Pre-K Teacher's Aide and Assistant Teacher positions. I called the DOE and spoke with their staff to confirm their interest in hiring Teacher's Aides and Assistant Teachers with bilingual language skills. 

Students worked together in class to identify the core sections of a resume and to create personal inventories of Strengths and Skills. With that, we worked each session on writing in class a Professional Summary, a Core Qualifications Summary, and the Work Experience and Education sections to round out a complete resume. We also worked on breaking job descriptions into charts of Skills, Qualities, Tasks, and Requirements. Students practiced using these charts to modify their existing resumes and writing cover letters.