MY ROLE: Teacher-In-Training, Recipient of TESOL Certificate

TRAINING SITE: The Literacy Assistance Center

The New York Literacy Assistance Center is a nonprofit organization providing professional development training for adult literacy educators. Housed in the midtown branch of the New York Public Library, the LAC works in partnership with the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development to provide support and training to over 70 of its literacy instruction sites.

Program Description: 45 hours of in-class instruction, 120 hours of online coursework, 8 hours of classroom observations, and a 36-hour teaching practicum at the New York Public Library, Tompkins Square

Teaching Philosophy: Our coursework involved methods and materials of communicative language teaching, strategies-based teaching of the 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) as well as grammar and vocabulary, fostering student agency and lifelong learning skills, syllabus design and lesson planning, and the application of standards and assessments.