MY ROLE: UX Designer / Information Architect 

CLIENT: Sage on behalf of Civic Hall Labs

DELIVERABLES:  Google Analytics Audit, Content Audit, Competitive Analysis, New Content Strategy & Navigation, Site Map, RFP and Development Shop Vetting Assistance.

BRIEF: I was selected to join a team of Civic Hall Labs designers and technologists partnered with Sage, the largest and oldest nonprofit in the U.S. dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT older adults. 

Our task was to kickstart a design refresh of Sage's website.

My contribution included new site navigation and content strategy.

CHALLENGES: Sage's website had grown incrementally over the years. Rather than trimming or consolidating, more and more new pages had been added over time, resulting in an overwhelming number of choices.

ASSESSMENT: Competing Calls to Action, Duplicate Content on Sister Website Properties, Not Responsive / Mobile-Friendly


1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Our goal was to define end user behavior and top content destinations; to set a baseline before the redesign; and to introduce to Sage a new process and toolkit for the redesign.


2. CONTENT AUDIT:  Compared Sage's top pages which appear as links in their global footer to the Top 100 Pages in Google Analytics. Classified each page as one to Remove, Improve, Consolidate, or Keep.


3. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Identified 10 similar nonprofit sites. Compared and contrasted their navigation and content structure to Sage's and then recommended best next steps.


4. NEW NAVIGATION & SITE MAP: I created a new global footer that -- rather than offering all possible top-level pages --  offered very targeted content and services specific to Sage's key user personas.


PERSONAS: I provided a sample persona and requested more information (general assumptions) to test further in the redesign process.


DOCUMENTATION: I provided documentation outlining final results and how we got there for Sage to use in future meetings with stakeholders and external development shops.


NEW MAIN NAV: I reduced Sage's main content silos from 7 to 4. I purposefully chose labels that were widely used by other nonprofit sites to remove any guess-work by users. 


NEW GLOBAL FOOTER: I used the global footer for return users who knew what they wanted to do. I created two silos for the "Giver" persona -- Give Back and Donate. In our team's user interviews, Givers expressed strong interest in reading about Sage before donating or volunteering. The Resources silo offers quick links to services like the NYC Centers for Sage Elders and Support Groups for Caregivers.


5. NEW SITE DESIGN PRODUCED BY MY CO-WORKERS: These 3 designs reflect the IA strategies above and Sage's new branding. Our goal was to provide Sage with initial strategy to take to a web shop for final implementation.